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 Webinar: 3 Habits That Kill Law Firm Profitability

Watch this concise webinar made to help solo and small firm attorneys maximize their profits by avoiding 3 common mistakes. 

Presented by Sarah Schaaf, Esq. 

CEO & Co-Founder, Headnote

About The Webinar

Attorneys are great at representing their clients, but are not always as knowledgable when it comes to running their firm as a business. Attend this webinar to learn about 3 habits that can kill law firm profitability and how you can  boost your firm revenue within weeks by avoiding them.

You'll Learn About: 

How to increase your profitability without raising your rates
Ways to dramatically improve your collection speed
Tips for leveraging your current resources to help cash flow
Strategies to utilize technology inexpensively





Watch the Webinar
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